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stop overthinking everything!

Everything needs some sort of balance and often times we have to discipline ourselves to find & maintain that balance. “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” ― Oscar Wilde Easier said than done, I know. Overthinking typically leads to negative thoughts and destructive thought patterns. Constant worrying also involves negativity and catastrophic predictions about the future – simply […]

how to make enchiladas filled with chicken and spanish rice! 

This is one of my favorites and definitely most delicious recipes yet! I learned how to make legit enchiladas from my aunt Rosa who married into our family.  I remember those summer days when she would make several different types of delicious enchiladas! Of course, I was right behind her asking all sorts of questions […]

gamer family

Did you know that video games can actually be good for you and your family? Growing up, I didn’t have much interest in playing video games. Sure, I occasionally played Sonic The Hedgehog on our Sega Genesis or Duck Hut on our Nintendo with my older brother but I didn’t find them as interesting or […]